Friday, February 25, 2011

Munch Monday

There is a new celebration of food in downtown Santa Rosa every Monday from 11:30am to 2pm called Munch Monday! A collection of food trucks gather in the parking lot between the main library and the down town post office.

Sonoma Bento:
This review is based on our second visit to Munch Monday. It started on January 10th, and we headed out on January 24th with some coworkers to enjoy a sunny afternoon and to stuff our faces. There are 4 or 5 trucks each week, and this week here are the suspects:

Fork Catering
Street-Eatz Flavors of the World
Matchbox Diner
Chicago Style Hot Dogs
La Texanita Truck
Sift Cupcake and Dessert Bar

The rotation can change week to week.

CocoCarina: Well first off... so sorry it has taken us so long to update this page!  Sonoma Bento and I decided to take a little break after the holidays but we're back to eating!  Well, eating out together for our awesome little blog here.  This month we decided to hit up Munch Monday!  Munch Monday is a collective of food trucks in Sonoma County who get together on Monday's in downtown Santa Rosa to provide a fun and different type of eating experience.  They do this kind of thing in SF and I'm glad Sonoma County is finally doing it too!  It really brings together the community... kind of like a massive food court at the mall but with better food... and outside, which can be great on a beautiful sunny day!

Sonoma Bento:
I decided to try out Chicago Style Hot Dogs this week. And you gotta try their signature dish, right? So I got the smorgasbord that is a Chicago Dog.

Sonoma Bento:
Chicago Style Hot Dogs has a nice selection of hot dogs from simple to elaborate, with really delicious hot dogs. They have a nice snap and zesty flavor. The buns are super soft but stand up to the many toppings and do not fall apart.

Sonoma Bento:
I got the meal deal with a Chicago Dog, chips, and soda for $6. What a deal! Plus the line at Chicago Style Hot Dogs is very short, and the meal is assembled quickly. I was just about finished with my meal by the time my coworkers got their lunches.

Sonoma Bento:
The Chicago Dog has a hot dog on a poppy seed bun with neon relish, mustard, tomato, chopped onions, sport peppers, celery salt, and a pickle spear. It's a meal, for sure! The flavors were all fantastic, and went well together. The sport peppers had a bit of a kick, but I liked it.

CocoCarina: I decided to have the Agadashi Tofu from the Street Eatz truck... deeeeelicious!  I got the large portion because it came with broccoli - yum!  The small portion was $5 and the large portion was $8.  It comes in a to-go chinese food box which I always love eating out of so... bonus points there! 

CocoCarina: The Agadashi Tofu is pure japanese-crunchy tofu pieces in seasoned broth with fresh ginger, green onions, rice and broccoli.  I think the small version comes without the rice or broccoli.  Love it!  Especially on a day that's a bit brisk or if you're feeling a bit of a cold coming on (which I was)... it was perfect!  Then I went and got a sift cupcake!  Double yum!  Except that they didn't have my absolute favorite cupcake, the Limonatta, at their truck so I settled for the Snickerdoodle.  Either way... I didn't walk away hungry!

Sonoma Bento: Our coworkers went with us and tried other yummy dishes from Street-Eatz, like coconut curry and New Orleans Pasta.

Sonoma Bento: We couldn't pass up the opportunity for some delicious dessert, and luckily the Sift Cupcake truck was there to satisfy our sweet tooth!

CocoCarina: Munch Monday is just about done... just one more week left. :(  I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of it!  A little recommendation though... if you're gonna go to Munch Monday you're gonna have to sit on the ground to eat... so 1. don't wear a dress, you don't wanna show off your girly bits... 2. if you're wear pants make sure your shirt is long enough to cover your bum... 3. it may behoove you to bring a chair of some sort.

CocoCarina: Munch Monday is a lot of fun!  You go to one spot and have a slew of delicious items of food to choose from, for pretty decent prices.  There's a bunch of people there so you'll probably see someone you know or you might make some new friends.  The only downfall is the lines... sometimes it takes a long time to get your food.  One friend will go to one cart and get their food pretty quickly and you go to another cart but you're still waiting for your food to come out.  So, that's my only complaint really.  Plan ahead for a successful Munch Monday excursion!

Sonoma Bento: Munch Monday was planned to run through the end of February, so February 28th will be the last day. However, it may continue in a new location. We'll let you know if we find out where!

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